The number one mistake employers make when retrenching employees...

If you know how to avoid it, you'll save your company hundreds of thousands of rands in compensation at the CCMA

Three massive SA companies recently made headlines for their decision to retrench staff due to the current tough economy... 

They all have to battle it out at the CCMA with thousands of unhappy employees...

So what horrific mistake did Sibanye Gold, Amplats and Telkom all make in the past four months?

They ALL made the number one mistake employers make when it comes to retrenchments!

And if you make it, the Labour Relations Act clearly states that you’ll be liable to pay up to 12 months of compensation to each employee involved.

That means, if every retrenched Sibanye Gold, Amplats and Telkom employee earns R6,000 a month and the CCMA finds all three companies guilty...

They’ll have to pay each of the 13,100 employees involved R72,000 in compensation!

That’s a whopping R943 million in total!

And let’s face it, not all those retrenched employees earn that amount, some earn more.

The scary part is, as the leading publisher of labour products in SA, we know that dozens of companies make this same mistake every day.

Don’t be the next one to make it!

When it comes to retrenching staff legally, there’s no room for error!
One false step can equal your company’s ruin…

The retrenchment process can be extremely long and difficult. All it takes is one false move to land you up at the CCMA... I don’t want it to be that way for you.

Today, I want to show you how to legally get through the retrenchment process...

Without any mistakes...

Without anxiety…

And without forking out hundreds of thousands of extra rands in CCMA awards.

After all, if the court finds you guilty of the same horrific mistake the companies I told you about made... You could fork out an extra R1,080,000 if you retrench 15 of your minimum wage employees incorrectly!

Would your company survive that?

Maybe, but that doesn’t mean you ever have to be in this situation...

That’s why I’ve twisted Lizle Louw’s arm to help me compile Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct to guide you through the retrenchment process easily, quickly and legally...

Get 10 years of retrenchment expertise at your fingertips today...

Lizle Louw is an attorney and conveyancer who specialises in employment law and has over 10 years of experience in the labour field.

She’s also the editor-in-chief of our Labour Law for Managers service.

As a director at the renowned Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs legal firm, Lizle spends her days helping clients from a diverse range of industries handle the retrenchment process… From drawing up letters to following the six-step procedure correctly, Lizle shows her clients exactly what they need to do to avoid landing up at the CCMA.

Over the past decade, she’s witnessed just about every retrenchment mistake possible… And she knows that making them can spell financial ruin.

That’s why, with her help, we’ve made Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct the most comprehensive retrenchment product on the market today…

Get your six-step legal guide to retrenchment today…

Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct will assist you with every step of the retrenchment process so you can avoid making mistakes.

It contains:

Now that you’ve seen what Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct can do for you, let’s talk business...

For just R599 (excl. Vat), you’ll receive all the retrenchment steps and advice you need to retrench your employees legally.

That’s a small price to pay considering a labour lawyer will cost you R1 000 or more an hour. And you’ll need more than an hour of your labour lawyer’s time to get the amount of actionable advice you’ll get in Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct.

Plus, it’ll save you from forking out a fortune if the CCMA finds you guilty of not following a legally compliant retrenchment process.

Right now, times are tough…. And that means you might be in a position where you’re currently facing the reality of retrenching some of your staff. That’s why as soon as I receive you order, I’ll send it to you in an easy to access cd with fully customisable templates and checklist.

Don’t be without this essential tool another minute.

Here’s to a 100% legally compliant retrenchment process,

Taryn Strugnell, 
FSP Business

P.S Order your copy of Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct in the next seven days and receive a FREE fully-customisable, 100% legal retrenchment letter that’ll help you initiate the retrenchment process right away. With this at your disposal, you won’t have to pay a lawyer thousands of rands to draw one up for you.

P.P.S Wondering what the number one retrenchment mistake most companies make is? See page 36 of Retrenchments: How to make sure your retrenchment process is 100% correct to find out...

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